Youth Sunday School

Grapple (6th Grade)
Bethel’s 6th grade Sunday school class meets in a traditional classroom setting. Students “grapple” with real-life preteen questions and tackle the issues preteens care about most in this fun interactive course of study for preteens.

Live & Learn: Question Everything! (7th Grade)
This 7th grade class is presented in a traditional classroom setting. Activities and discussion relate to the gospel reading for the day and help students see how the Bible still has relevance to our lives today. Instead of reading the Bible and finding out how it relates to their lives, students talk about what’s happening in their lives and what the Bible has to say about that.

Sojourners (Grades 8 & 9)
Sojourners, the class for grades 8 – 9, refers to Hebrews 11:13, where we are called “sojourners on earth”.  We are on a journey to do God’s will here on earth.  Al Freeland, the class teacher, says about the class: “I can’t promise you games and charades.  What I can promise you is that you will have a visit from the grave – Martin Luther is coming to class to tell you about the revolution he started that shook the world.   I can promise you a visit to four very interesting churches in the Twin Cities.  I can promise you that we will talk about the mysteries of the Bible, six modern day martyrs that died for their faith in Jesus – that and much more I WILL promise you!”  See the registration form to be a part of this interesting class.

Grades 10 – 12 Options
Sunday School Teachers’ Aide – Grades 10 – 12 (younger grades may be considered if openings are not filled by these grades)
It’s a commonly known fact that we all learn more about any given subject when teaching it to others. This principle is a primary truth that makes acting as an aide a growth experience for our more mature youth. As a Bethel Sunday school teacher’s aide, youth act as a teacher’s assistant or as one of a teaching team in age 3 to Grade 5 classes. As a nursery aide, youth help care for and provide simple learning experiences for babies and toddlers. Both options are available on a first come, first served basis and require a strong long-term commitment. Students are asked to carefully consider this option before registering. Our Sunday school and nursery staffs count on your consistency, so we ask that you be sure you can commit to being available most Sundays during the school year if you choose this option.

Breakfast Clubs – Breakfast Clubs meet Sunday mornings and are made up of one or two Bethel adults and 4 – 8 youth. They meet wherever the group decides (Bethel, the Northfield Retirement Center, someone’s home, the bagel shop, etc.) and are a place to discuss faith in our everyday lives. Youth may create their own group and ask a Bethel adult to lead it.

Bethel Youth High School Coffee Hour
This high school education option meets in the Bethel Youth Center and is offered to all 10th-12th grade students.  The hour is a casual time for coffee, treats, and conversation.  Basic Biblical teachings are explored with an emphasis on how faith helps determine how we live.

Let’s Talk
One result from past youth learning forums was some great intergenerational conversation among our youth and parents. Because caring conversation is one of the 4 Keys to building lifelong faith and because we want to encourage conversation among our youth and adults, we continue to offer Let’s Talk, three Sundays during the school year for youth, parents, and other Bethel adults to meet in the Barb Hanson Youth Center for discussion groups. A different topic is highlighted at each session and discussion questions are provided. Please consider joining our Bethel youth for some good faith talk on those Sundays!

New Members and Visitors are always welcome. Students can register for Sunday School at any time by filling out a Youth Ministries Registration packet returning it to the church office during the week or to the Resource Room on Sunday morning.