Summer Stuff

Bethel has summer opportunities for youth of all ages. Annual options include:

2015 Trip Dates:

  • High School ELCA National Gathering in Detroit, MI – July 14 – 20
  • Christikon – July 22 – 30
  • 8th Grade Mission Trip – June 28 – July 3

Magical Mystery Tours: Once a month during the summer, the Youth of Yahweh (grades 6 to 8) go to an unknown destination. Youth receive notice of the meeting time and place and anything they may need for the event, but no details – that’s part of the fun! Every event is a mystery! Parents receive a letter of details along with a permission form well in advance of every tour. As in the past, Bethel will be sponsoring these events with several Northfield area churches this summer.

8th Grade Mission Trip: Every summer, the Bethel youth who have completed 8th grade have the opportunity to participate in the 8th Grade Mission Trip to the Phillips neighborhood of Minneapolis. This trip traditionally takes place in June; youth leave on a Sunday and return on Friday. During the five days, youth have the chance to participate in a range of service opportunities including “spend time with the elderly in a nearby senior citizen center, partner with social service organizations who minister to the needs of the homeless, work with a local ministry to rehabilitate urban homes in order to help ease the affordable housing crisis, or assist an area church with a daily children’s program.” An informational meeting is held for all 8th grade youth and parents the October before the trip.

9ers ~ Christikon: Christikon is a ministry of Lutheran congregations that is based in an outdoor setting in the mountains of southern Montana which offers experiences grounded in and shaped by the gospel of Jesus Christ. A Bethel tradition for years, Bethel’s youth who have completed 9th grade participate in the “Mountaineers” trip backpacking as a part of their preparation for confirmation. This trip usually takes place in mid-July. An informational meeting is held for all 9th grade youth and parents the October before the trip.

High School Summer Trip: Bethel’s summer trip for youth who have completed grades 10 – 12 follows a 3-year rotation:

  • Outdoor adventure trip
  • ELCA National Youth Gathering
  • Mission trip

The high school summer trips generally last about 10 days. An informational meeting is held for all 10th – 12th grade youth and parents the October before the trip.