Stepping Stones Ministries

At Bethel, we intentionally observe specific steps in a child’s faith journey, recognizing their significance in a child’s faith life and offering the congregation, as a whole, the opportunity to celebrate with the child and family as these steps are taken.

Stepping Stones are given out for the following Faith Steps in a child’s life at Bethel:
Baptism, Beginning of Sunday School, 2nd Grade Prayer Class, 3rd Grade Bible Class, 3rd Grade Holy Baptism Retreat, 4th Grade Holy Worship Retreat, 5th Grade Holy Communion Retreat, 6th Grade Lord’s Prayer Retreats, 7th Grade Beginning of Confirmation Instruction, 8th Grade Mission Trip, 9th Grade Christikon Trip, 10th Grade Confirmation Service, High School Summer Trip, and 12th Grade Graduation.

*If your child has observed any of these steps in the years before Bethel began giving out Stepping Stones or at a church other than Bethel, you can order a stepping stone to mark it. Order forms are available in the church office.