The Lutheran tradition recognizes two holy sacraments: baptism and communion. Lutherans believe that God is truly present in the Sacraments. In fact, it is God who acts through them. In Holy Baptism, God’s transformative power delivers us from sin, death and the devil and gives us new life. In Holy Communion, God’s transformative power fills us with God’s presence and sustains that new life we have received from God. Because a Sacrament is a mystery, we do not try to explain just how it is that God is present. We simply trust that when Word and visible elements are combined with the promises of God, God’s powerful and transformative presence is known, experienced and celebrated.

Baptism at Bethel

Here at Bethel, we recognize one baptism for the forgiveness of sins. Generally, infants and young children are baptized in the Lutheran tradition, but older youth and adult baptism is a welcome sacrament as well. To schedule a pastoral visit in preparation for baptism, call the church office at 786-6674 or contact us online.

Additionally, we offer a 3rd grade Holy Baptism Retreat in the spring of each year so that our children may understand the sacrament of baptism more fully. Activities include lunch, learning, games, video and several special activities.

Holy Communion at Bethel

All are welcome to receive the bread and wine at the Lord’s Table at Bethel. The center cups on the communion trays contain white grape juice. Children of any age may come to the communion table. Those who have received first communion instruction (see below) should extend a hand for the bread. Other children will receive a baptismal blessing.

Formal Holy Communion instruction takes place for children at Bethel during the 5th Grade Holy Communion Retreat, an overnight retreat scheduled each fall. Upon the completion of this retreat, children are ready to fully participate in Holy Communion. However, there are families who occasionally seek to have their younger children participate in Holy Communion. This is an option. Families seeking this option are asked to contact the church office to make an appointment for a time of private child friendly instruction on the practice of Holy Communion with a pastor.