Pastoral Care

At Bethel, we teach, preach and live the truth that every one of us is loved, valued and belongs. Our pastoral care team models and equips our community to live this truth by providing care that is confidential, Christ-focused and spiritual. Our pastoral care includes:

  • Comprehensive support for members who are ill, hospitalized, or experience the loss of a loved one, job, or relationship
  • A network of caring ministries within our community, (i.e. Befrienders, prayer ministry, home communion, home meals, professional services referral, etc.)
  • Providing spiritual care, spiritual direction and spiritual growth opportunities
  • Home and workplace visits which encourage our members to recognize that all of life is an expression of faith
  • Welcoming visitors with timely communication and the invitation to join our community
  • New member assimilation
  • Educational and support groups for special needs
  • Retreat ministry

How to Request Pastoral Care
We desire to be connected to you while you are experiencing peaks and valleys in your walk with Christ. Through the good times as well as through the tough ones, whatever your circumstances, Bethel is a loving family that wants to share God’s love for you. Please contact the pastor or pastoral minister if you desire pastoral care.

Care Ministries
In times of need, please know that there are a number of ministries that are available to you. We invite you to contact the Bethel church office at 507 786-6674 if you wish to request these services or want more information.