Marks of Discipleship

Jesus commissioned the Apostles to go out and make disciples (Matthew 28: 18-20). The ELCA has identified disciple-making as the chief goal of this church. Disciple-making is seeking to fulfill the imperative of the Great Commission by making a conscientious effort to help people move toward spiritual maturity – drawing on the power and direction of the Holy Spirit, utilizing the resources of the local church, and fully employing the gifts, talents and skills of the developing disciple toward the advancement of the kingdom of God, the building of the church, and the practice of ministry.

  1. Disciplined spiritual life (prayer, reflection, meditation, Bible study)
  2. Fellowship (seeking out the comfort and encouragement of Christian community)
  3. Worship (congregational, small group, private)
  4. Church service (ministry and in-reach within my congregation)
  5. Kingdom service (ministry and outreach beyond my congregation)
  6. Justice (work for peace, eliminate hunger, stand with the oppressed)
  7. Stewardship (support the church with the offering of time, talent and treasure)