Bible, Arts and Music – BAM (If you would like to view our BAM Handbook click here BAM Family Handbook 2013 2014)

BAM is our Wednesday after school ministry. It is open to children who are in kindergarten through 5th grade. Activities include snack, choir, video, CAT Class, arts and crafts, games, and lots of fun and fellowship. Children who attend Bridgewater, Greenvale, Prairie Creek or Sibley schools may ride the Bethel Bus to BAM each week.

The B in BAM—Bible
Our weekly schedule includes a 30 minute video session for all students. We use the Nest Family Video series. Each video is a beautifully crafted telling of a basic Bible story. We begin the year in the old testament and conclude in May in the new testament. We see this as a learning experience for our children and know from past experience that our children are more knowledgeable about basic Bible stories due to their exposure to this video series. In addition, it gives our children a much needed quiet time in a very busy day.

The A in BAM – ARTS
At Bethel Lutheran Church, we are blessed with many members who are gifted in a wide variety of the arts. Many of these wonderful folks are willing to share their time and talent with our children.

Therefore, we are able to offer several art/activity choices throughout the year during our TNT (Trying New Things) time.

If you are aware of an art/activity choice that might be shared with our students, please contact Pam Vig, Director of Children’s Ministries. Art/activity choices may run for one, two, six or more weeks depending on the presenter and topic.

The M in BAM – Music
Alleluia Choir.  Singers in kindergarten through 2nd grade participate in the Alleluia Choir. The Alleluia Choir is designed as a preparatory program with less emphasis on performance and more emphasis on music skills development through songs, games, and movement.

Carol Choir. 3rd through 5th graders sing in the Carol Choir. This group participates in worship services generally once or twice per month.

Handdhimes. 1/2 Steps and Grace Notes are our handchime ensembles. Handchimes are a precursor to learning handbells. Children do not need to be able to read music to begin. The experience is available for children in grades 3, 4, and 5. The group rehearses once a week during BAM and performs four to five times during the year in worship services. The children learn how to read music, learn how they can use their talents to serve God and nurture a love of music at the same time.

It is important that children who participate in any of our vocal choirs or instrumental groups, be consistent in their attendance at rehearsals and performances as they will each have specific parts/roles. When they aren’t in attendance, there is a hole in the presentation that isn’t easily filled. If your child is not able to commit to regular attendance at rehearsals or performances or is just not interested in participating in choir, please make plans to pick him/her up before their choir rehearsal time as there are no other activities available at that time for his/her age group.