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Audio Video (AV) Information and Webform Submission Page

If you are in need of assistance with the Bethel AV services, please read this over and fill out the webform below.  This information will be submitted to Tim Freeland and will be used to better prepare for your needs.  We have AV services available almost anywhere in the church including the main sanctuary, Christian Life Center (CLC), Bethel Youth Center ( Hi League room) and various Sunday school pods.

To contact Tim directly, please use the CONTACT page found here!

Tips and Information

  • Contact Tim as far in advance as possible for arrangement to be made (preferably a week in advance).
  • To check out a DVD copy of a service, contact the church office.
  • For screen, video, or audio presentations we accommodate PC, MAC, audio CD’s, and DVD presentations.
  • PowerPoint or other presenter tool applications are best managed by containing it on a flash drive to be given to the A/V room operator.  In most cases, an RF remote can be provided  to forward your slides. The sooner we have your presentation the better, for testing reasons.  If we could have your presentation to test 3-5 days in advance, that would be optimal.
  • For audio presentations, please arrive early to check sound levels.
  • For instruments that have other special electronic hook up connections or amplifying needs, notify the A/V coordinators in advance.


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