Youth Ministries

Mission Statement
From the Board of Youth Formation of Bethel Lutheran Church, Adopted Fall of 1998:

Bethel Lutheran Church will provide a spiritual environment for each child that nurtures them in a transformational, life-long relationship with God. Each child will be equipped for their life journey through scripture, worship, prayer, service and relationships with people of faith. Each child will be encouraged to discover their calling, to share the Good News of Jesus Christ, and to lead lives of service.

One thing that becomes apparent as you become acquainted with Bethel Lutheran is that we love our kids – little bitty bundles of energy, lively spirited teenagers, and everything in between! This emphasis makes Bethel a nurturing place for children and youth and creates a community spirit that is cherished by our members.

Bethel has a strong tradition of numerous and varied opportunities in which youth may participate as a part of our community to grow in their faith. This rich legacy was created and fostered by Barb Hanson, who devoted herself to Bethel’s children and youth for over 27 years. Many of the traditions she started still live on and are evident in Bethel’s youth ministries even now.

This emphasis on children and youth challenges us to meet the varying needs of those children, youth, and their families. We live in an ever growing andchanging world and Bethel works hard to stretch and grow to remain fresh and forward thinking while staying true to our faith heritage.

With this balance in mind, the goal of Bethel’s youth ministries (encompassing grades 6 – 12) is to provide anurturing partnership between church and home; to help our youth find their place in the church and in our world by providingconnections with other youth, children, and adults of faith; to involve our youth in the work of the church through worship, evangelism, learning, fellowship, and service as a path toward discipleship.

Throughout our ministries, parents and other adults share their time and talents to make Bethel the great place it is for our youth.

To participate in many of our activities, you will be required to have a consent form on file.  To download a copy of the form, click here: Consent Form

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