Children’s Ministries

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Mission Statement of the Board of Youth Formation of Bethel Lutheran Church Adopted Fall of 1998:

Bethel Lutheran Church will provide a spiritual environment for each child that nurtures them in a transformational, life-long relationship with God. Each child will be equipped for their life journey through scripture, worship, prayer, service and relationships with people of faith. Each child will be encouraged to discover their calling, to share the Good News of Jesus Christ, and to lead lives of service.

Bethel Lutheran Church has a long history of cherishing, supporting and nurturing children and their families. We believe strongly in the partnering of home and church – parents and church staff and lay leadership. We know that in order to develop the faith of our children most effectively, we must teach them the habits of faith. But more importantly they must experience the habits of faith. What this means is that in our Children’s and Youth Ministry programs rather than focusing all of our energy on kids, we take every opportunity we can to focus on kids and their families. We still provide the same core programs we always have. However, we take every opportunity we can to enhance these programs so that they include take home resources and experiences that will get our families talking and learning together. This is how we develop faith in our homes and in our children.

Children’s Ministries at Bethel encompass children who are age 3-grade 5. Two of our larger children’s ministries are BAM on Wednesday afternoons and Sunday School on Sunday mornings. Both of these ministries are offered from September-May. In addition, at various times throughout the year we have a 3rd Grade Holy Baptism Retreat, 4th Grade Holy Worship Retreat and 5th Grade Holy Communion Retreat as well as one month parent/child Sunday School classes on “How to Use the Bible” in 2nd Grade and “Prayer” in 3rd Grade.